Below are free spreadsheets that I have produced over the years.


  1. Blank Calculation Sheet Click here
  2. Blank Bearing Schedule to Eurocodes Click here
  3. Early thermal Cracking Calculations to BD28/87  Click here
  4. Crack width calculations to Bs5400 part 4 click here
  5. Bending moment, shear force and deflection diagram for a single span beam subject to UDL or point loads click here
  6. BS5400 – 4 Design of reinforced concrete for bending and shear click here
  7. Section property Calculator click here
  8. Spring stiffness calculations for portal frame structures based on Bridge Deck Behaviour by EC Hambly click here
  9. Lap and Anchorage length calculations to EC2 Click here
  10. Cast Iron Girder Assessment to BD21/01 Click here
  11. Design of Dowel Bars Click here. Note, this is one method of designing alternative methods exist, designers to ensure they are happy with the concept.
  12. Pile Group Analysis Click here
  13. Temperature Difference to Eurocodes BS EN 1991-1-5 Click here

Non Technical

  1. Mortgage and Loan interest calculator Click here
11 comments on “Spreadsheets
  1. Daniel Anketell-Jones says:

    Just wanted to say thankyou for putting these up.
    Very useful!! DO you happen to have anything for Eurocode windload calculations?!
    Kind Regards

    • admin says:

      Yes I have something in a draft format, I am checking and also working to get the format of the spreadsheet match other spreadsheets on this site. I Will Email it to you but please note it is still in a draft format, nonetheless it may save you a lot of time in searching through the code and typing. If you don’t receive any emails from me in the next hour send me your details directly to info@stskconsulting.co.uk and I will get it sorted.

  2. George Schembri says:


    Just wanted to drop in to thank you for these spreadsheets. If its not to much to ask I would like to receive any other spreadsheets that are available according to eurocode practice please.

    Kind Regards

    • admin says:

      I am in the process of producing few spreadsheets to Eurocode and will upload them as soon as they are ready. You can follow us on twitter for any updates to this page on @stskconsulting.

  3. Harifal says:

    Just i would like to say thank you very much for these spreadsheets and i will forward it to my clients as well colleagues.

    Kabul- Afghanistan.

  4. YuanRuh Khor says:

    Could I have a copy of Eurocode windload calculations’ spreadsheet also?

  5. vimal raj says:

    Thanks for you spreed sheets, it is very useful , did you have any indian code based spreed sheet for design of concrete structures like footing, columns, beams and slabs, if you dont have also, if it is possible to provide like to download the same

    Thanks and regards
    vimal raj

    • STSK Consulting says:

      Vimal Raj,

      Sorry I have no spreadsheets to Indian Codes. I have never worked to Indian Coded.

      If you produce any spreadsheets or know any one who might be happy to share the spreadsheets, please let me know.

  6. Naresh Prasad Keshari says:

    Dear Sir

    As you Posted in your Spread sheet no.5 for Bending moment, shear force and deflection diagram for a single span beam subject to UDL or point loads is limited to point 4 point load only. Is there any possibility to extend this up to 8 to 10 point load location. if possible please upload this or send it to mu email id:- kesharinaresh@gmail.com

    Thanking you

    Naresh Prasad Keshari

  7. Danny says:

    I kindly request spread sheets in Euro code, kindly assist me. My email is oxymero@gmail.com

    Thank you


  8. daniel says:

    Thanks for you spreed sheets, this is useful and i just learn about Euro code. (previously was using BS code). Hope can see some more spreadsheet in the future . Support you.

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