There are many occasions where you use certain parameters,  rules of thumb or criteria but can not remember where it is written, in this page we will attempt to give references to such information. An input from the users is required to keep this page up to date and useful.

Eurocodes, UK

Cover requirements (exposure class) for surfaces  protected by waterproofing:  IAN95/07
Cover requirements (exposure class) for surfaces  protected by permanent formwork:  IAN95/07

British Standards

Red sand asphalt: IAN 96/07 rev 1 suggests that no Asphalt protection Layer (APL) is required unless specifically required by the specific waterproofing system.

Expansion joint: When the total horizontal movement is less than 5mm and vertical movement is less than 0.5mm, there is no need to provide an expansion joint but the waterproofing shall be detailed to accommodate any likely small movements to ensure its continuity across expansion joint at the deck joint gap, from BD 33/94.

Collision with substructure and superstructure is given in BD60/04.

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